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In case of severe conditions of plant process, suitable instruments shall be selected and supplied to ensure scheduled and intended plant operation. Reliable and proper offers by Vaizen makes you satisfied.

For high slurry and erosion service
"Vaizen offer a solution and products for high slurry process such as PTA slurry and erosion service."
For high viscosity,cavitation and contorl process with great CV.
"Vaizen selects products for the process requiring very erosive service like catalyst and supplies appropriate items against cativation and fast flow rate condition"
Cryogenic Service -196 Degree C
Vaizen supplies the cryogenic valves and fully meets specification that LNG process requires.
Offering various options and requirements for severe service conditions are critical and important to keep plants properly work. Vaizen's know-how and knowledge accumulated through lots of experiences definitely guarantee instruments and process intended function
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